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VNS Health is committed to supporting our patients, caregivers, and partners in any way possible. Whether you’re inquiring about VNS Health services, information for health care professionals, or ways to get involved — if you have questions, we have answers.

Note: Please do not include any personal health information in this form, such as diagnosis, medications, member/patient ID, Medicare or Medicaid number, or social security number. If you wish to discuss any of these items, please call one of the numbers provided on this page.

If this is an emergency please call 911!

VNS Health Phone Numbers

Prefer to give us a call? Use one of these phone numbers:

Questions About Services

Home Care: 1-866-986-7691

Personal Care: 1-888-735-8913

Hospice Care: 1-212-609-1900

Physician Referrals

VNS Health Home Care: 1-866-632-2557

VNS Health Hospice Care: 1-212-609-1900

Health Plans

Questions About Plans

EasyCare, EasyCare Plus, Total: 1-866-414-6175
(TTY users: Call 711)

MLTC: 1-855-282-4642 (TTY users: Call 711)

SelectHealth: 1-866-469-7774 (TTY users: Call 711)

Current Members

EasyCare, EasyCare Plus, Total: 1-866-783-1444
(TTY users: Call 711)

MLTC: 1-888-867-6555 (TTY users: Call 711)

SelectHealth: 1-866-469-7774 (TTY users: Call 711)

Health Care Professionals: 1-866-783-0222
(TTY users: Call 711)

Professional Solutions

Partnering with VNS Health: 1-212-609-1937


VNS Health Volunteers: 1-212-609-1570

Hospice Volunteers: 1-212-609-1908

General Contact Information

General Questions: 1-866-986-7691

(TTY users: Call 711)

Careers: 1-212-609-7900

Donations: 1-212-609-1525

Center for Home Care Policy & Research: 1-212-216-9976

VNS Health Compliance Hotline: 1-888-634-1558

Medical Record Requests

Where Is VNS Health Located?

Our mailing address is:
220 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017 [View in Google Maps]

Refer patients to VNS Health.