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Stroke Care

Safely recover from a stroke from the comfort of home.

At VNS Health, we know that a stroke is a life-changing experience. We’re committed to providing the care you need to recover and to providing support and help for stroke caregivers. We use the most up-to-date knowledge and tools to help you manage the effects of stroke and work through any limitations.   

How VNS Health Can Help After a Stroke 

If you’ve had a stroke or you’re caring for someone who has, you know the emotions that might follow. You may feel scared, overwhelmed, concerned, or confused about what happens next. And although it’s true that you’ll face challenges, you’re not alone. 

Home care for stroke patients is critically important. After a stroke, the right follow-up care can help to prevent another one down the road. It also helps you or your loved one recover and regain independence.

At VNS Health, our compassionate clinicians and social workers are here to guide stroke survivors and caregivers throughout the recovery process. We provide a stroke care plan that help stroke survivors: 

  • Take medications properly and monitor any side effects
  • Make important changes to their diet to control blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight
  • Exercise and engage in activity safely to promote recovery
  • Ensure that their home is safe to prevent falls and other accidents 
  • Use physical therapy to gain strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance
  • Use speech therapy to improve speaking and swallowing abilities 
  • Use occupational therapy to enhance memory and comprehension 
  • Cope with the emotional aspects of recovery 

Additionally, our skilled home health aides can help with other needs, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and meal preparation.

Home care for stroke patients may be covered by insurance. If you would like services beyond what your insurance will cover, VNS Health offers private nursing care and private personal care services. 

Stroke 101: What Are the Signs of a Stroke, and Can It Happen Again?

One stroke is scary enough. Unfortunately, the likelihood of experiencing another stroke (called secondary stroke) is high. The good news is that this is preventable. We help caregivers recognize the signs and symptoms that must be reported to their health care provider and know when to call 911.

One in four stroke survivors will experience another stroke — but 80% of strokes can be prevented with the right follow-up care, including medication, healthy habits, and frequent visits with a health care provider.

Signs of a Stroke

It’s important for everyone to know the signs of a stroke — but it’s especially important for caregivers of stroke survivors. Acting F.A.S.T. is key to making sure your loved one gets the care they need.

If you think your loved one is experiencing a stroke, use the F.A.S.T test: 

F — Face: When they smile, does one side of their face droop?
A — Arms: When they raise both arms, does one move downward?
S — Speech: When they repeat a simple phrase, is their speech slurred or strange?
T — Time: If you notice any of these signs, call 911 right away.

Finding the Right Stroke Care for Successful Stroke Recovery

Many factors impact stroke recovery, including the amount and quality of rehabilitation services as well as caregiver support. 

At VNS Health, we’ll develop a stroke care plan to ensure that your loved one receives the best care possible. We’ll also support caregivers as they navigate how to best care for their loved ones. 

Together, we can help lower the risk of another stroke and ensure that stroke survivors recover successfully.

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