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Health Information Exchange

At VNS Health, we strive to take good care of your health in every way that we can — and that includes protecting your confidential health information. Your personal information is stored in highly secure computers, and the protections are in compliance with all federal and state requirements.

To bring you the best possible care, it’s sometimes necessary to share your health information with other authorized licensed health care providers through a Health Information Exchange. This is only done with your written permission and always in a highly secure manner. (For example,
VNS Health participates in data exchanges in which an emergency room doctor can learn about the kind of health services, medications, and tests that have been provided elsewhere, whether it was at other hospitals or with a home care organization like VNS Health.)

Click on the links below to view and print a fact sheet about Health Information Exchanges, the consent form for sharing your medical information, and a list of participants with whom your data may be shared.


Fact Sheet
Consent Form

Participating Providers

VNS Health exchanges data with the following Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs). Please click below to view the participant list for each RHIO.
Bronx RHIO