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Give the gift of time by volunteering with VNS Health.

Volunteers make vital contributions throughout our organization each and every day. Volunteers help with any number of activities — from visiting hospice patients to working in our offices to knitting scarves, blankets, and sweaters for our patients.

Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back to your community. By dedicating your time, service, and skills to those in need, you can make a world of difference in other people’s lives. 

At VNS Health, our volunteers also share their unique talents, whether in the form of giving haircuts, providing community outreach, or simply offering much-needed companionship to our patients. 

VNS Health volunteers have made a positive impact on the lives of countless patients. 

Impact of VNS Health volunteers

In 2023

323 volunteers supported VNS Health

In 2023

20,243 hours of service dedicated to VNS Health patients

In 2023

Countless lives touched

Volunteering doesn’t just affect patients — it also benefits volunteers. Volunteering improves both your mental health and your physical health by connecting you with others and giving you a sense of purpose in knowing that you are impacting the lives of others. 

Benefits of Volunteering

I support hospice patients and their families by making weekly visits and being a warm presence. Sometimes this looks like being my usual bubbly self while reading a book animatedly, but sometimes it’s simply holding my patient’s hand or humming softly while coloring a picture to leave behind.

Hospice Volunteer

When I introduce myself, I say “I am a VNS Health volunteer with a dog that makes people smile” – and this so true! Every time a patient reacts, making a sound, or smiling – sometimes even saying a word – I feel an inner joy and am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with another human being.

Liz and Stella
Hospice Volunteer

I enjoyed volunteering at VNS Health and being a part of an organization that works at making a difference each day


Working one-on-one with the veterans has been such a rewarding experience and one I will never forget.

VNS Health Veterans Outreach volunteer

Volunteering with VNS Health has given me the opportunity to connect back to that gratitude in a very direct way and to be part of an integrated program that is doing for others what it did for me and my family.

Hospice Volunteer

At VNS Health, we thank you for considering volunteering to support our patients and organization. 

Volunteer Opportunities at VNS Health 

VNS Health volunteers help our patients in a number of ways. Depending on your interests, skills, and availability, we’ll set you up with the best volunteer opportunities for you and for our patients. 

Hospice Care Volunteers

VNS Health is committed to providing compassionate and skilled care for our patients and families — and volunteers are a key part of this. 

Volunteers are the heart of our hospice care program. They provide an extra level of care and compassion that makes a world of difference in the lives of patients and their families. 

Hospice volunteers help patients and their families by: 

Specially trained vigil volunteers can also provide support for a dying patient in their final moments if family and friends are unavailable. Opportunities for office support and fundraising are also available.

Hospice volunteering is incredibly rewarding — but it’s also challenging. To visit with patients, VNS Health hospice volunteers must complete a 12-hour training, which we offer on weeknights and weekends to fit your schedule. 

Volunteer with VNS Health

At VNS Health, we take special care to match our volunteers’ interests with the needs of our patients and our organization. We always provide the support and training that you will need to have a rewarding and fulfilling experience. 

Ready to put your time and skills to work to support VNS Health and our patients?

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