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Wound Care

Healing from a wound takes time. And healing comfortably in your home takes the best team. When you need a wound care nurse, VNS Health has experts who can support and encourage you or your loved one throughout recovery and healing.

Wound care is often a key part of home care, and all VNS Health nurses are highly skilled in caring for most wounds. Your nurse will care for the wound itself and monitor the healing progress to keep an eye out for complications. If you or your loved one has a serious wound that needs special care, VNS Health has wound experts that your nurse can bring in. 

How Our Wound Care Team Supports Your Healing Process

Going home with a healing wound following a surgery or accident can be scary. Your wound recovery may look different from someone else’s, and that’s normal. Our team ensures that you get the care, tools, and resources you need.

When you’re recovering from a wound, it’s important to have someone providing expert service. But at VNS Health, we also want to help you become an expert in your own care. 

Your wound care nurse will make sure you are able to:

  • Change your own or your loved one’s wound dressings
  • Monitor your healing 
  • Manage your pain 
  • Recognize complications you should tell your doctor about

Having this knowledge gives you more control over your healing process. Our wound nurses can give you and your loved ones the tools and resources to care for a wound when your wound care nurse can’t be there.

Wounds That a Wound Care Nurse Can Help With

  • Bedsores
  • Deep cuts
  • Diabetic wounds
  • Drains
  • Pressure wounds
  • Slow-healing wounds
  • Stitches
  • Surgical openings (ostomies)
  • Sutures
  • Ulcers

Wound Care in Your Own Home

You may be worried about healing from a wound. Maybe you’re nervous about cleaning it or making sure your bandages are on right. Having a VNS Health nurse as a part of your at-home care team can ease these fears.

A VNS Health wound nurse can: 

  • Change wound dressings 
  • Keep track of any changes in your wound 
  • Prevent complications in your healing
  • Apply any medications or antibiotics

With VNS Health, you or your loved one can rest easy and recover fully knowing you’re cared for even at home.

Specialized Care for Complex Wounds

Basic care, education, and monitoring healing are a part of everyone’s care, but sometimes a wound is more difficult to heal. For complex wounds, specialty nurses are available to aid in your healing process.

Wound-ostomy-continence nurses (WOCNs) have special training in caring for different kinds of wounds.

These nurses typically care for:

  • Bedsores
  • Complex ostomies (like when surgery is done on an organ)
  • Diabetic wounds
  • Wounds that don’t heal because of circulation (blood flow) issues

Wound Care in Hospice

Some people think that if someone has bedsores or wounds that they cannot enroll in hospice. And others might think that hospice does not offer wound care, or that it isn’t helpful.

The truth is that hospice is still an option even if your loved one has a bedsore or wound.

While in hospice, your loved one can see a wound care nurse from VNS Health. In this case, a nurse will focus on decreasing pain and other symptoms to give your loved one the best possible quality of life for as long as possible. 

Cutting Edge Treatment to Speed Up the Healing Process

With new tech and tools, VNS Health nurses are improving patient outcomes and making the recovery process easier and faster. 

Our nurses use state-of-the-art therapies, such as negative pressure wound therapy, which employs suction to help tissue grow and heal wounds faster.

Wound care nurses also use digital photography and smartphone technology to take photos for your doctors, WOCN consultation, or your personal medical records. VNS Health wound care nurses stay on the cutting edge of care so you receive the best support possible.

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