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2021 VNS Health Community Impact Report

With your gift, you help VNS Health deliver vital services to vulnerable neighbors who might not otherwise be able to afford the care they need. Your support allows us to provide care to the New Yorkers who too often slip through the safety net.

Picture of a senior Asian woman with a cane laughs as she sits between another senior Asian woman and a younger Asian man.

Inspiring Hope

Each day, VNS Health delivers expert and compassionate care to tens of thousands of New Yorkers, including those who are overlooked or marginalized or otherwise find it hard to get the care they need. We meet people where they are — in their homes and communities — and through empathy and expertise, we provide hope and a brighter future.


Patient Stories

For over 125 years, VNS Health has been a beacon for New Yorkers in their darkest moments. As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on donations to help us provide the care we’re known for. Thanks to our dedicated supporters, we are able to change the lives of our underserved neighbors every day. Here are some of their stories.

Samuel’s Story

Inspiring hope in isolated seniors

Read Samuel’s Story

Jasmine’s Story

Inspiring hope in new mothers and their families

Read Jasmine’s Story

Carlos’s Story

Inspiring hope at the end of life

Read Carlos’s Story

Chang’s Story

Inspiring hope through vaccine access

Read Chang’s Story

Violet’s Story

Inspiring hope through charitable care

Read Violet’s Story

Claude’s Story

Caring for COVID patients in need

Read Claude’s Story

Our Community Impact

In 2020, VNS Health provided more than $53 million in charitable care and community benefit programs.

VNS Health Charitable and Community Impact

  • Community Mental Health Services $29.4M
  • Programs for Children and Families $7.9M
  • Battling COVID-19 $4.5M
  • Charitable Care for the Under- and Uninsured $3M
  • Trainings and Hospice Fellowship $2.4M
  • Programs and Outreach to the Underserved $2.4M
  • Research Center $2.1M
  • Hospice Specialty and Outreach Programs $1.6M

Help Us Inspire Hope

When you support VNS Health, you deliver a brighter today and more hopeful tomorrow to New Yorkers who might otherwise not be able to find, access, or afford the care they need. Your contributions ensure that even in the darkest times, VNS Health’s compassionate care is a beacon of light for our most at-risk neighbors.

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