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Caregiver Support Services

You want the best for your loved one, and sometimes that means getting expert help and guidance.

The Caregiver Support Services team from VNS Health can give you what you need, including the confidence that your family member or friend is getting the best care possible. Whether you have been a caregiver for some time or have recently found yourself in a caregiving role, our experts provide support, guidance, and tools tailored to your specific needs.

An adult daughter smiles and hugs her senior dad as they walk outside.

Would VNS Health Caregiver Support Services Help You?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from caregiver support services.

  • Have you suddenly found that you’re in a caregiving role because of an illness or a medical crisis and you need help getting up to speed?

  • Does a loved one have multiple (or increasing) medical issues or conditions?

  • Is a loved one no longer able to live alone safely but is resistant to change or losing their independence?

  • Do you need help untangling a loved one’s financial or legal affairs?

  • Do family members have different opinions about the best way to care for a loved one?

  • Do you feel burned out as a caregiver?

VNS Health caregiver support services are paid for out of pocket.
Complex Chronic Care Management

Geriatric Care Management

Caregiving comes with many responsibilities — and taken together, they can be overwhelming. With a VNS Health geriatric care manager, you have a dedicated advisor who can oversee every detail to ensure that your loved one receives the compassionate care they deserve.

What Sets Us Apart

For over 125 years, VNS Health has been caring for New Yorkers — and supporting the people who care for them. When you want reassurance that you and your loved one are in good hands, look to our caregiver support services.

Fully Customizable

Caregiver support services are fully customizable. You get the support you want, when you need it. 

Integrated Care

With VNS Health, you get a full range of easy-to-access care services from the same organization.

Local Experts

VNS Health has strong ties to the community. Your dedicated care manager can help you access resources and entitlements you’re eligible for.

Clinical Expertise

VNS Health can put together a team with experience in managing your loved one’s illness or condition.

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