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Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Expert care for those living with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia, and support for their caregivers.

If you’re caring for someone with dementia, you know how stressful — and isolating — it can be. Family members and friends might help sporadically, but it’s easy to feel like you’re doing it all, and you’re doing it alone.

As one of our caregiver support services, Dementia Care at Home provides your loved one with personalized in-home care and gives you access to experts who understand what life as a dementia caregiver is like.

What Is Dementia Care at Home?

Dementia Care at Home is a specialized service from VNS Health. It’s available to individuals with any type of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body dementia, and vascular dementia.

How Can Dementia Care at Home Help You?

Dementia Care at Home gives you a care team: a dedicated care coordinator, a registered nurse, and a home health aide with specialized training in caring for people with dementia (other experts may be available from VNS Health as necessary).

Your home health aide is at the core of your dementia care team. In addition to providing companionship and personal care services your aide also knows the dementia symptoms to look for and the strategies to address them with compassion and empathy.

Because the services are fully customizable, you’ll get care that meets your loved one’s needs now and as their condition evolves. It allows them to live as independently as possible in familiar surroundings. You’ll also get other, less tangible benefits, including:

  • The consistency and continuity of seeing your home health aide’s familiar face
  • The comfort of knowing that you have experts you can rely on
  • Peace of mind that your loved one is getting the best care possible

With Dementia Care at Home, you don’t have to deal with the worry, the frustration, and the unpredictability alone.

What Does Dementia Care at Home Include?

Dementia Care at Home is fully customizable to meet your loved one’s needs, but at minimum will include:

  • An in-home evaluation by a dementia care expert
  • A customized care plan based on the in-home evaluation
  • Coaching, so you can learn techniques and strategies for providing care
  • A dedicated care coordinator who ensures that the care plan meets your and your loved one’s needs at every stage
  • Phone check-ins every two weeks
  • An assessment from a registered nurse every 90 days

For caregivers who would like extra support, these additional services are available:

  • Individual care consultations by phone or tele-conferencing
  • One-to-one connection sessions promoting creative exploration and expression
  • 6 one-hour class sessions

Dementia Care at Home also makes available experienced home health aides when you need respite care.

Does Insurance Cover Dementia Care?

In most cases, Medicare and private insurance cover home care services only when ordered by a doctor. Medicare does not cover VNS Health’s caregiver support services, including Dementia Care at Home. 

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