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Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Expert care for those living with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia, and support for their caregivers.

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia is hard. And it may feel like it’s only getting harder with time. As their condition changes, you may worry about their memory, behavior, and ability to think clearly.

Is your loved one showing signs of memory loss? Are they having difficulties with language, problem solving, or how well they see things in their head (spatial reasoning)? If so, it’s important that their doctor assess them to see whether they have Alzheimer’s or another dementia.

VNS Health offers expert home care services for people with dementia, and support for their caregivers. The right support can help your loved one stay in their home, where they feel safe, as long as possible.

How VNS Health Can Help

Provide Companionship and Continuity

Having meaningful relationships is important as we get older. And a familiar face is especially important to people with memory problems.

Our team of home health aides can offer companionship and consistency to your loved one. With regular visits, your loved one can get to know the aide who partners with your family, creating a strong bond and lasting friendship.

Help Caregivers

When you’re giving your all to a loved one with dementia, you might feel like you have no time for yourself. You might feel guilty just going to the coffee shop because you’re worried about your loved one’s safety in your absence. 

VNS Health is here not just to care for your loved one but also to help you care for yourself. With regular visits from a home health aide, you can more confidently take much-needed time to rest and restore. 

Whether you need time to shop, take a nap, or do something you love — you can with the support of a VNS Health team member, you can. 

We’re here to make caregiving easier and to support you throughout your loved one’s health journey.

Offer Daily Support and Medical Care

Your loved one may have other health needs that go beyond dementia care. VNS Health can help coordinate your loved one’s care to ensure they receive the full range of support and services they need. 

For example, if you worry about your loved one’s ability to prepare food safely, a home health aide can provide peace of mind. For additional medical needs (like wound care, physical therapy, or injections), a VNS Health home care nurse can offer support.

Care for someone with dementia isn’t one-size-fits-all. Our goal is to ensure that your loved one has the right team to support their unique needs now and as their condition changes.

Provide Education to Caregivers

VNS Health provides resources, education, and support to caregivers to help you better manage your loved one’s dementia. 

A nurse or social worker on your loved one’s care team can help you understand:

  • The progression and symptoms of your loved one’s disease
  • Techniques for caring for and communicating with your loved one
  • How to manage difficult behaviors such as wandering, aggression, agitation, and  sundowning
  • Home safety risks and management
  • How to promote positive behaviors in your loved one

Help You Determine Next Steps

As your loved one’s disease advances, you may be unsure about what the next best steps are in their care. Your VNS Health home health aide can help monitor your loved one’s condition and is trained to recognize any changes that should be brought to a nurse’s or doctor’s attention. 

Eventually, you and your family may need to decide whether in-home care is still the best option. The decision to move your loved one to a nursing home or to make the transition from in-home care to hospice care can be a tough one. But VNS Health can help you look at your options and determine when a change in the level of care may be best.

Is Dementia Home Care Covered by Insurance? 

Medicare does not cover long-term care at all. But Medicaid covers long-term care (including home health aides) for a certain number of hours per week.

In addition, private health insurance may also cover some home care services. However, coverage varies from plan to plan, and nonmedical needs such as cooking and companionship may not be included. It’s important to check with your insurance company about your benefits and coverage. 

If insurance doesn’t cover your loved one’s needs, VNS Health offers private care options.

For more information, see the Guide to Paying for Care.

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