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VNSNY Is Now VNS Health

The future of care. The comfort of home.

As VNS Health, we’re putting our mission in our name. By bringing all of our care and services together, we’re making them easy to access and easy to understand. This video explains why we changed our name and what the change means for the people we serve.

One VNS Health, One Mission

For 130 years, VNS Health has led the way as an innovator in home- and community-based health care. We’ve always helped people live, age, and heal where they feel most comfortable — in their home and community. Over the years, we’ve grown and evolved, adding services like hospice care, health plans, and care management, as well as the Center for Home Care Policy & Research. Our new name — VNS Health — builds on our history and makes it easy for you to understand everything we offer and all that we do.

A full range of easy-to-access services and health plans from one organization

Providing you with the compassionate care you deserve, at home or in your community

We’re Your Neighbors

Our new name — VNS Health — better reflects who we are and what we do. Watch our brand new advertising video to see what we mean when we say that we’re more than just your health care team.

Watch our ad.

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What Does This Change Mean?

  • We have a new name, and a new look and feel.
  • Our patients and plan members can expect the same high-quality, compassionate care from their same VNS Health team members.
  • One brand makes it clear that VNS Health provides seamless care across all our teams.
  • As health care continues to evolve, so will VNS Health. We will continue to expand our programs for the communities we serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing your name and logo?

We’ve grown over the years, and our new name better reflects the full range of what we offer. Our new name and logo reflect our legacy and show how our many services are now unified around our common mission.

Are your programs and services changing?

No. The care and services we provide to our patients, clients, and members and their families will stay the same. The change to a new name makes it easier for the people we serve — and our referral, provider, and health plan partners — to understand all of what we do.

What does VNS Health mean?

VNS ties into our history. Health more accurately reflects who we are and what we do. Our new name reflects our continued commitment to help people live, age, and heal where they feel most comfortable.

Are you no longer visiting nurses, or in New York?

We’ve always been more than visiting nurses! Community services and public health have been part of our mission from the beginning. Our team members include rehab therapists, home health aides, social workers, doctors, and many more professionals all dedicated to our mission.

VNS Health is and always will be a New York–based organization serving our New York neighbors. As VNS Health, we will continue our long-standing commitment to New Yorkers while extending our mission to serve even more people.

How can I find out more?

We’re one organization under one name now, and we have one phone number to answer your questions. Whether you’re a patient, client, member, caregiver, or referral or health plan partner — you can call us at 1-800-675-0391.

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