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Dan Savitt Named in 2024 Health Care Power 100 List

January 18, 2024
From City & State NY
Recognition & Awards

Dan Savitt, president and CEO was recently named in City and State NY’s 2024 Power 100 List. The annual list features healthcare leaders, non-profit providers, activists, academics, and those who drive change for healthcare policy and practice in NY. This year’s list also focuses on key legislative changes, innovations, and other developments in the industry.

Dan is recognized for his commitment and efforts to guiding VNS Health as the one of the largest non-profit and community home care organizations in the nation. He says that home care is a vital part of the healthcare industry, and the rise of telehealth and expansion of mental health initiatives/programs gives patients the care they need. Despite progression in these areas, Dan also says that the nation-wide staffing issues and a need to reform long term care payment policy, are holding the industry back.

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