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Research Center Team

Meet our team members.

Research Center Investigators

Dr. Kathy Bowles, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI

Vice President & Director of Research, VNS Health and vanAmeringen Chair in Nursing Excellence & Professor of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Margaret McDonald, MSW

Associate Vice President
Barbara Riegel, PhD, RN

Barbara Riegel, PhD, RN

Senior Research Scientist

Carlin Brickner, DrPH

Director of Analytics

David Russell, PhD

Research Scientist, VNS Health, and Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Appalachian State University

Julia Burgdorf, PhD

Research Scientist

Max Topaz, PhD, RN, MA

Senior Research Scientist

Mia Oberlink, MA

Senior Research Associate

Miriam Ryvicker, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Timothy Peng, PhD

Executive Vice President, Science and Technology

Research Center Team Members

Alexis Stern

Research Analyst II

Anahita (Ana) Davoudi

Research Associate

Felix Vasquez

Research Assistant

Greg Horton

Business Manager

Helena Sanchez

Research Assistant

Ian Spens

Research Assistant

Lauren Evans, DrPH, MA

Research Analyst II/Project Coordinator
leah gross

Leah Gross

Research Assistant

Lori King

Research Analyst II & IRB Coordinator

Nicole Onorato, MPH

Research Project Manager

Piotr Kapela

Statistical Programmer/Analyst

Sasha Vergez

Research Analyst I

Sonia Cheruvillil, DPH

Research Project Manager

Sridevi Sridharan, MS, Manager

Analytics Engineer

Yolanda Barrón-Vayá, MS

Senior Biostatistician

Contact the Research Center.

Contact the Research Center.