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Behavioral Health Transitional Care Programs

VNS Health works in close collaboration with health plan and provider teams to assess individuals with chronic and complex behavioral health conditions and to connect them with the appropriate support and resources — at home and in their community.

We administer comprehensive, interdisciplinary care and treatment following inpatient or emergency events, at increasing levels of intensity, based on each person’s individual needs.

Level 1: Behavioral Health​ ​
Community Transitions (1–30 days)

VNS Health provides immediate post-acute support to help people transition from psychiatric and substance use hospitalizations back into the community.

With a focus on early engagement, we work closely with inpatient discharge teams to conduct thorough behavioral health assessments, including social determinants of health.

Our goal is to ensure that each person receives appropriate care based on their individual needs and to help eliminate obstacles standing in the way of their recovery.

Short-term services include assistance with scheduling and attending crucial 7-day and 30-day postdischarge visits, managing medications, and connecting with additional outpatient resources.

Level 2: Community Transitions
with Care Management (3–6 months)

Some overlapping behavioral health and chronic medical conditions require more substantial, longer-term support. 

With an emphasis on improving overall health outcomes and reducing utilization of emergency services, we deliver up to six months of specialized disease-related care, through frequent points of contact and close collaboration between clinical teams.

Additional assistance is arranged to address immediate social determinants of health, such as access to food and housing, and connections to mental health and substance use treatment providers within the community.

Level 3: Intensive Post-Acute Care for Complex Behavioral Health Conditions (6–12 months)

Through two specialized programs, VNS Health offers expanded multidisciplinary care for managing the most challenging mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) cases:

Mental Health Care Management & Treatment (Parachute)

Integrating all lines of care to treat the whole person, this trauma-based recovery model provides up to 6 months or more of intensive, personalized care management and treatment of significant comorbid, chronic psychiatric and medical issues.

Parachute aims to interrupt the cycle of recurring crises and reduce the overreliance on emergency services for routine care by individuals with a history of poor engagement in their current mental health treatment options.

An in-home psychiatric assessment is followed by a comprehensive long-term care plan for in-home treatment, medication management, and seamless coordination between psychiatric and medical provider networks to help close critical gaps in care that may threaten progress.

Care Management for Substance Use Disorders (SUD)

VNS Health provides people struggling with chronic substance use with the consistent, meaningful support they need in order to avoid crises and to reduce their dependence on inpatient and emergency services.

This nine-month intervention program relies on proven harm reduction and goal-setting strategies developed to improve treatment retention and to encourage long-term engagement.

With an integrated team of credentialed counselors, care managers, social workers, and psychiatric nurse practitioners, we work together with provider teams to deliver better overall health outcomes and to keep people out of crisis.

Frequent visits and routine needs assessments promote and sustain healthy, responsible choices through a culture of continuous personal improvement and milestone achievements.

Additional high-touch support includes resources for food and housing, personal escorts to and from treatment appointments, medication reconciliation, and connections to trusted peer and community-based substance use recovery programs.

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