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Attestation Annual Corporate Compliance Training

    • Code of Conduct
    • Federal Deficit Reduction Act for 2005 (DRA)
    • Self-Reporting and Self-Disclosure to Governmental Agencies
    • Sanction Checks
    • Conflict of Interest-Board members, Officers and key Employees
    • Compliance Hotlines
    • HIV Confidentiality
    • Reporting Non-Compliance and Fraud Waste & Abuse
    • Investigating Compliance Issues and Corrective Action Plans
    • Non-Retaliation and Non-Intimidation (Whistleblower) Policy
    • Corrective Action and Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
    • Non-Discrimination in Health Care
    • Visit Verification and Documentation Policy
    • Safeguarding PHI
    • VNS Health Provider Policy on Use and Disclosure of Patient Information
    • VNS Health Health Plan HIPAA Policy on Use and Disclosure of Member Information
    • HIPAA Policy and Procedure on Responding to a Potential Breach
    • HIPAA Policy on Minimum Necessary Use, Access and Disclosure of PHI
    • Emergency Preparedness

    I have received, read and understand the contents of the VNS Health 2022 Corporate Compliance Annual Training. In addition, I understand how to access the above listed policies. I will act in accordance with the General Compliance Program and abide by VNS Health policies while I am employed by or otherwise associated with VNS Health.

    I understand and agree that I must maintain HIPAA and HIV Confidentiality while I am currently employed by, or otherwise associated with, and upon leaving VNS Health. I understand that I can ask my immediate supervisor or contact the Compliance Department directly if I have any questions or concerns about the content of the General Compliance Program, HIPAA and HIV Confidentiality, IT Security, Workplace Violence Prevention, New York State/New York City Sexual Harassment Prevention, or any VNS Health policies.

    How to Contact the VNS Health Compliance Department and HIPAA Privacy Team:

    Via Web:

    VNS Health Compliance Hotline: (888) 634-1558

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