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On this page, you’ll find answers to some commonly asked questions. including those about our services, scheduling, paying for care, and more.

If you have an emergency, please call 911.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral to get started with VNS Health services?

A doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant will need to refer you to VNS Health for home care services, such as care after you come home from the hospital, wound care, rehabilitation therapy, or care after surgery (including gender affirmation surgery).

Anyone can refer someone to hospice care. Call 1-212-609-1900 for more information.

In some instances, you don’t need a referral for home health aides. You also don’t need a referral for private-pay services such as companion care, health care escorts, clinical assessments, or geriatric care management. Call 1-888-735-8913 for more information about home health aide services and other personal care.

I’m not sure what services I need. How can I learn more?

We can definitely help you identify the type of care that best meets your needs. If you’d like a better understanding of our services before you contact us, you may wish to review one of our resource guides or learn about services such as:

Are VNS Health services covered by my health insurance?

Medicare and most private insurance (such as insurance through work) cover home care. Doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants can refer to home care and hospice.  Only physicians can sign the document required to admit a person to hospice care.

Home health aide services may be part of home care or hospice care. They are also covered by Medicaid and are available as an out-of-pocket expense.

For more information, view our Guide to Paying for Care.

I’ve never received home care before. What should I expect?

We’ve prepared What to Expect at Your First Home Care Visit to answer initial questions you might have.

Our Guide to Home Care gives a broader picture, including the services VNS Health offers and additional information about first visits.

How do I find out when my next home care appointment is?

Register for the VNS Health My Home Care App, and then you can view upcoming home care visits on your phone or computer.

You’ll also learn who will be coming to your home and what type of service you’ll be receiving.

Note that the My Home Care App is only for current VNS Health Home Care patients. It is not yet available for hospice care or home health aide visits.

Where is my nurse or home health aide?

When you register for the VNS Health My Home Care App, you get on-demand access to your information about your nursing, rehabilitation therapy, and social work home care visits on your phone or computer.

You can learn who is coming to your house and when they will arrive.

The My Home Care App also gives you important messages and alerts about your upcoming visits.

For information about home health aides, it depends on whether the aide is part of home care, hospice care, or personal care. Please call:



Have another concern?

If your question wasn’t addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions, use the contact form to submit your request, and a customer service team member will get back to you (generally within 24 hours). Or look for the appropriate information below.

Still need help?

Here is some other helpful information that is available on our website.

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