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VNS Health Ramps Up Nurse Recruitment and Retention

September 20, 2022
From Summer 2022 Issue

Home Care registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and home health aides are in high demand across the U.S., and that’s especially true in the New York metropolitan area. With a workforce of 1,200-plus nurses and plans to grow its core services, VNS Health is addressing this challenging environment head-on through a series of initiatives designed to attract top nursing talent. 

To support this push, VNS Health recently raised its base pay for new RN graduates and increased the sign-on bonuses for certain nursing positions. The organization has also created a recruitment hub dedicated to hiring field RNs and LPNs for VNS Health Home Care, and is conducting a multifaceted advertising campaign aimed at potential nursing candidates.

At the same time, led by its new Clinical Development Center (CDC), VNS Health is cultivating its pipeline of recent nursing school graduates. Key initiatives include strengthening VNS Health’s ties with area nursing schools and expanding recruitment efforts for the VNS Health nurse residency program, which provides two-year home care education, training and support to select RN graduates.