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Tips For Home Health Providers in a Managed Care World

February 5, 2024
From Home Health Care News

Devin Woodley, VP of managed care contracting, spoke with Home Health Care News on how home health providers can navigate managed care in 2024 with the right focus. Payment rates and reimbursement policy changes have left home health organizations dissatisfied. As the market continues to shift, Devin has helped VNS Health adapt to the changes and focus the organization on what market opportunities to pursue. While VNS Health offers home care, hospice care, and mental health support services, it also has its own health plan.

“Working with our health plan, we understand how to take on risk from a large health plan perspective and what health plans’ pain points are,” Devin said. “From the provider side, we also have a deep understanding of how to take on risk. Now we’re able to bundle that together on the payvider model and figure out where the synergies are between the two sides.”

In order to get the most of potential marketing opportunities, Devin and his team need to understand the everything about the organization’s health plan.

“We intimately understand — in owning our own health plan — what those silos are that health plans have,” Woodley said. “There’s a lot of grain that falls between those silos and there’s a lot of good eating we can get out of that grain that’s falling between them. Being able to leverage that understanding with our capabilities, matching that up, that’s how we’ve been able to unlock some really good value.”

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