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Online Portals Improve Experience for Health Plan Providers and Members

June 22, 2023
From Spring 2023 Issue
mockup of computer with provider portal on screen

VNS Health has launched a new online portal for the provider networks that serve its Medicare and Medicaid Health Plans—making it much easier for physicians’ practices, hospitals and other health care professionals to track claims, appeals and authorizations, check plan members’ eligibility, and follow up with VNS Health on any questions and concerns they might have.

The portal is currently in its “soft launch” state since late June, as 13 key providers to VNS Health begin utilizing the new platform. “We’ll make any additional needed tweaks to the portal as we get their feedback,” says Atul Kumar, Director of Systems and Process Improvement for VNS Health. “Our plan is to roll out the portal to our entire provider network later this summer.”

Following the provider portal, VNS Health will be launching a second online portal for its plan members. Like the provider portal, this online platform covers all five health plans offered by VNS Health: its Medicare Advantage plans, EasyCare and EasyCare Plus; its integrated Medicare-Medicaid long-term care plan, VNS Health Total; its Medicaid Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plan; and SelectHealth, an HIV Special Needs Plan.

“This portal is going to significantly improve the experience of our plan members,” notes Marshall Ellis, Chief Operating Officer, VNS Health Health Plans. “Until now, our members could only contact our support teams by telephone during business hours. With our new member portal, they can look up their benefits online, print out a new insurance card, and message us 24/7.”

Ellis notes that the goal “is to provide a variety of options so people can access our health plans when, where, and how they want to. We want to ensure that our members get the care they need—and our providers get the support they require—in the most seamless, frictionless way possible.”