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New Provider Portal Gives 24/7 Access to Health Plan Member Info

September 6, 2023
From Summer 2023 Issue
mockup of computer with provider portal on screen

VNS Health recently launched a new online portal giving its health plans’ providers 24/7 access to information on authorizations, claims, member eligibility and more—all without picking up the phone. In addition to searching for member-related information, the portal allows providers to submit inquiries and share documents with VNS Health.

The portal can be used by all health plan providers, including any hospitals, physician practices, licensed home care services agencies (LHCSAs) and durable medical equipment suppliers that provide in-network care to members of VNS Health’s five Medicare and Medicaid plans, as well as billing companies these providers work with. Out-of-network providers can also access the portal as needed.

To learn more or sign up to use VNS Health’s Provider Portal, please visit: