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New Advertising Campaign Focuses on Trust and Community Ties

March 20, 2022
From Spring 2022 Issue

To share the news that VNSNY is now VNS Health, a new consumer advertising campaign introducing the organization’s rebranding to the New York community kicked off on May 18th, 2022.

“The advertising focuses on the warm, compassionate and trusting relationships between our patients and health plan members and our own team,” says VNS Health’s Catherine Callaway, Senior Vice President for Marketing and Development. “We highlight the uniqueness of VNS Health, our range of services and health plans, and how we provide care and support in the home and community—all while showing the diversity of our team members and the communities we serve. At the heart of this advertising is the message to consumers that we’re more than just a health care team—we’re their neighbors.”

The campaign, which is scheduled to run throughout the New York metro area from now through December, will include TV commercials and, later this year, radio spots, as well as outdoor and online advertising and social media. “Consumers will see this advertising right where they live—on the TV shows they watch, and throughout their neighborhoods on the sides of buses and even the tops of taxis,” notes Amy Margolis, Vice President, Marketing.

The television advertising will run on morning shows and local news, cable TV, and streaming channels such as TLC, ESPN and Hulu. VNS Health online ads will also be seen on websites such as AARP and WebMD. The campaign’s reach will be further augmented by digital and social media posts in English, Spanish and Chinese.