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Education Campaign Raises Awareness of Hospice Services Among NYC’s Chinese Community

June 20, 2024
From Spring 2024 Issue
education workshop

A series of workshops hosted by VNS Health is raising awareness about the nature and value of hospice care among New York City’s Chinese residents. “This population tends to under-utilize hospice services for cultural reasons,” notes Teresa Lin, VP, Cultural Market Development for VNS Health. “Our hope is that by addressing these cultural barriers, we can help more people access the compassionate care that hospice provides.”

Since last fall, more than 15 workshops have been held at our community centers in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn as well as senior centers around the city. Conducted in Mandarin and/or Cantonese and featuring presentations by our staff and clinicians from local healthcare providers, the workshops are part of a broader campaign that includes print articles in Chinese-language publications.

“Our goal with both the workshops and the articles is to dispel myths about hospice and educate people on its benefits,” says Teresa. “For example, many members of New York’s Chinese community don’t realize that hospice care is typically provided right in the home. We also explain that enrolling your loved one in hospice does not mean you’re giving up hope. Hospice is really about improving the quality of life for your loved one, so they’re able to remain comfortable and spend precious time with their family and friends.”

The campaign plans to continue holding workshops in the coming months, adds Teresa. “We’re getting tremendous interest from the community, with over 1,000 attendees to date,” she reports. “Once people in New York’s Chinese community understand what hospice care involves, they really embrace it—not only for their family members, but also as a potential option for themselves down the road.”

If you are interested in learning about our hospice care at home services, visit our hospice page here.