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CHOICE Health Plans Are Being Renamed to Be a Part of VNS Health

March 20, 2022
From Spring 2022 Issue
Two senior women sit on a bench. One woman has her foot in a boot and holds a cane.

Although all parts of VNSNY became VNS Health on May 18th 2022, the formal shift of most of the organization’s Medicare and Medicaid health plans to their new VNS Health branding will occur on October 1st 2022, while the SelectHealth plan will transition over the summer. Until then, the health plan division will continue to be known by its current name, VNSNY CHOICE Health Plans.

As of October 2022, VNS Health’s group of health plans is referred to collectively as Health Plans from VNS Health. VNS Health is already sending preliminary communications to its health plan members and to the plans’ network providers, alerting them to the upcoming shift in branding.

“One point we’re emphasizing is that, aside from members getting new ID cards with the VNS Health name and logo, the rebrand won’t impact how any of the individual plans operate,” says Cindy Zanca, Vice President of Marketing for the health plans. “Our excellent benefits and superb member-centered care management will stay the same. Members will also work with their same plan representatives, who will have the same phone numbers.”

VNS Health’s focus on continually refining its health plans will also remain the same, adds Zanca. “We are always looking for ways to improve our benefits and coverage,” she notes, “and we anticipate adding some exciting enhancements to our plans for 2023!”