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BronxNet Spotlights Bronx ACT Program Coordinator Amy Amadasu

March 29, 2024
From BronxNet

BronxNet recently sat down with Amy Amadasu, ACT Program Coordinator to talk about the vital role social workers play in providing services and support for individuals struggling with mental health conditions. Social workers can connect people with services that address their mental health conditions like the ACT program or our other behavioral health programs. They can also inform others about city resources they can access that address their socioeconomic situation.

Amy mentions how VNS Health takes a holistic approach to care and meets people where they are. We have advocacy groups and peer specialists who went through their own mental health challenges and can support others in similar situations. She also discusses the importance of educating communities about mental health to reduce stigma surrounding the topic and individuals who are struggling with mental health conditions.

“I want people to hear that its ok. We all need support, we all need help, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for help.”

When anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues interfere with your recovery at home, behavioral health support can help.