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Shirley Goodman and Himan Brown Hospice Residence Reopens

March 20, 2023
From Winter 2023 Issue

After being closed for nearly three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, VNS Health’s Shirley Goodman and Himan Brown Hospice Residence has re-opened earlier this April. The newly renovated residence is an important community resource for hospice-eligible patients whose home environment is not conducive to end-of-life care.

“While the vast majority of patients in VNS Health Hospice Care receive services in their own homes, having our hospice residence available for those hospice patients who lack caregiver support at home is incredibly important,” notes Andria Castellanos, Executive Vice President and Chief of Provider Services at VNS Health. “It’s wonderful to be opening our doors once again.”

Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the Goodman Brown Hospice Residence consists of eight private patient rooms (including four suites), each with its own bathroom and small kitchen. The facility also has two community rooms as well as a terrace and garden. Visitors are welcome 24 hours a day.

“The floors and finishes are new, the walls are freshly painted—it’s a warm, welcoming space,” says Natalie Cheltenham-Festa, Associate Vice President for Hospice Care Services. Most important, she adds, “Goodman Brown patients will be cared for by VNS Health’s expert team of hospice nurses, physicians, spiritual counselors, social workers, home health aides and hospice volunteers. This is a place where they can live out their final days and spend time peacefully with their loved ones, knowing they are surrounded by the skilled, empathetic end-of-life care and support they need.”

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