Violet’s Story

Inspiring Hope Through Charitable Care

The matriarch of a big family, Violet* has spent her life caring for others. Her daughter Denise was distressed to see her mother wither under the strains of pandemic lockdowns and grow essentially immobile, and Denise was determined to get her mother help. VNS Health’s charitable care support ensured that the family received the services and care that Violet needed to get back on her feet.

Bernard, a VNS Health physical therapist, worked with Violet, who also has weak vision, to get her strength and mobility back. They practice walking with a cane and navigating the stairs to the second floor, important steps to rebuilding independence. Bernard also requested a home health aide from VNS Health’s Personal Care to help Violet with activities of daily living and a social worker to help the family gain access to long-term services such as Medicaid.

“By giving her mobility, we’re giving her that second chance,” says Bernard, a VNS Health physical therapist.

“Bernard is doing a great job of getting my mother moving around in such a short period of time,” said Denise, who is one of ten children. This is the first time in her 87 years that Violet has ever needed help, Denise said, noting that her mom, who spent her life in Jamaica, is usually the one to help others in need.

“When Denise sees her mother doing these activities, walking from the bedroom to the stairs, managing the stairs, it gives the family hope that Violet will get back to how she was in Jamaica — a happy and independent person,” says Bernard.

*Patient and family names have been changed to protect privacy.