When Facing Language Barriers, Having the Same Home Health Nurse Improves Outcomes

NYU recently published a press release on a new study involving home health aides and language barriers between a patient and home health aide. Two of our VNS Health team members, Margaret Mcdonald, associate vice president for Center for Home Care Policy & Research and Penny Feldman, senior research scientist and Emeritus director, co-authored the original journal article published in Medical Care.

The study found hospital readmission was significantly reduced for older patients with limited English-speaking ability if they have the same home health aide. While having the same aide who also speaks the same language is ideal, the research also found that readmission was reduced even if the patient and home health aide didn’t speak the same language.

Researchers reviewed data from over 22,000 patients who spoke multiple languages and were receiving home care in New York City.

You can view the full press release here.