VNSNY Is Now VNS Health!

New Name and Branding Unites Organization and Simplifies Consumer Experience

On May 18th 2022, the Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY) officially changed its name to VNS Health. The milestone move to the new name reflects how the 130-year-old organization has grown and evolved in recent decades, leading to the need for a broader, more integrated brand identity going forward.

“The name ‘VNS Health’ expresses, in a clear and powerful way, the multifaceted healthcare organization that we are today,” says Dan Savitt, President and CEO of VNS Health. “It honors our historic roots while uniting all of our business lines through the word ‘health,’ which is at the core of everything we do.”

The new VNS Health branding, which has been years in the planning, includes a new logo and tagline, a redesigned website, and renamed business lines, or “teams.” A new consumer advertising campaign was also launched to publicize the name change.

“Branding all of our offerings under the VNS Health name makes it easier for our patients, clients and members and their families to understand and access our different services, and also presents a clearer picture of the value we can bring to our partners and business customers,” explains Catherine Callaway, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Development. “With our many innovative programs—ranging from home care, hospice, behavioral health and personal care to our care management services, our health plans and our business-to-business professional solutions—we’ve become a ‘one-stop shop’ for people’s home health care needs. Now, these programs are all linked through a single, integrated, easy-to-remember brand: VNS Health.”

In addition to uniting VNS Health’s diverse array of products and services, the new branding supports the organization’s future goals for out-of-state growth. “While we always remain strongly committed to serving the residents of New York City and Nassau, Westchester and Suffolk counties, we also see significant opportunities for managing the care of individuals and providing solutions to healthcare organizations and health plans in states other than New York,” Savitt notes. “Our VNS Health branding aligns well with that vision.”

Most importantly, VNS Health’s new name and identity underscores that its mission remains unchanged. “Our aim is to continue expanding our role as one of the nation’s leading not-for-profit healthcare organizations over the next 125-plus years, in New York and beyond,” says Savitt. “As VNS Health, we’re ideally positioned to do that.”