Dan Savitt on What to Expect in Home Care in 2024

Dan Savitt, president and CEO, recently spoke about the coming challenges and opportunities for home care in 2024 with Home Health Care News’s 2024 Executive Forecast. In the feature, Dan talks about the finalized cuts to Medicare home care reimbursement rates, the on-going nation-wide labor shortage, addressing the mental health crisis, and utilizing emerging technologies to improve patient outcomes.

“Several challenges from 2023 continue to impact home care — most notably, the recently finalized 2024 cuts to Medicare home care reimbursement rates. We will continue to advocate a rollback of these cuts, and with support for our position in Congress, we’re optimistic progress will come. As the labor shortage continues, home care patient referrals continue to go unfilled. Recruiting and retaining talented clinicians is critical. We can expect more flexible hiring approaches including part-time positions, flex-time scheduling and gig labor across the industry.

2024 will bring growing emphasis on insurer efficiencies in coordinating home care services. For example, several national health plans are already taking steps to reduce authorization requirements and in a push to consolidate the managed long-term care (MLTC) market. In New York, the state is requiring low-performing MLTC plans to be absorbed into higher-performing plans — a process that’s now underway. Look, too, for insurers to accelerate the shift of dual-eligible Medicaid recipients to integrated Medicare-Medicaid plans — a trend we’re seeing in New York State and among national for-profit Medicare Advantage insurers.

Growth opportunities in 2024 include increased linkage of home care patients to community-based mental health providers — a promising option for addressing America’s mental health crisis. The use of technology — including AI — is evolving quickly in home health care to improve patient outcomes, reduce the administrative burden on clinical delivery and improve administrative efficiencies.”

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