1955 Game Show Featuring a VNS Health Nurse

A VNS Health nurse, Lillian Evans, appeared on the national TV game show called “Make the Connection” as one of the contestants. The show consisted of a panel of four celebrity guests who would try to guess the connection between two or more contestants. In this segment, the panel of guests, including a young Betty White, tried to guess the connection Lillian had with four soon-to-be parents. It was hosted by Jim McKay and ran on Thursday nights on NBC.

The rules of the game show were simple: panelists had to guess the connection between two or more people within 30 seconds. If a panelist failed to guess the connection, the next panelist can guess and the one who failed gets $25. The game ends who someone guesses the connection correctly or a panelist gets to $150. The show aired from July 7 – September 29, 1955. One fun fact of the show is this is one of Betty White’s earliest appearances on a game show.